Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Arcola in pictures

Madcap Mum says the Town of Arcola website makes our townsite look barren - and she's right. I thought I should set the record straight, but it's not the most auspicious time of year for taking flattering pictures of our landscape. So I skimmed through my collection of pictures and selected a few that will have to do for now.

First, some links to previous posts that include scenes from around town:
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And from nearby:
Navigable waters (view from inside a culvert south-southwest of town)
To see the wind (out at the highway just north of town)

I am surprised to discover that I haven't posted a single picture of, or from, the hills. Time to fix that. Here is a view from the 604 just south of the airstrip, looking north-northwest towards Arcola and the hills beyond.

And here is a part of the farm where I grew up. Spoiled, wasn't I?

This is almost straight north of Arcola, about five miles out of town. Arcola is just outside the left edge of the picture, on the plains that you see in the distance.

Now back to the town itself - here's a summer scene from our backyard.

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