Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's getting dark early

This striking architectural feature...

is a trick of the dark.

There is no S-curved section in the wall, just a shallow indented section, and on it, a shadow from the streetlight's own pole.

I should get a daytime picture. I've walked by that house countless times, but rarely at night. It's only recently that Garth and I have started taking regular evening walks. (How sweet they are, and all the more so since there are only sixteen evenings left before his trip to Nepal.) We were in front of Ray and Phyllis's, and we had stopped walking. I must have been trying to say something really profound, so profound that I couldn't put words in a string and put feet in front of each other at the same time. Then I interrupted myself with, "Is that wall curved?!?" We actually walked across the street towards it before I realized what I was seeing.


Madcap said...

What a peculiar trick! I'd love to do something like that "for real". We talk about strawbale building, and that would make it possible.

arcolaura said...

Oh, you can have great fun shaping things in strawbale. That reminds me, when I was researching home construction techniques, I came across references to "Faswall" blocks or other insulating concrete blocks (with air bubbles or sawdust incorporated) and thought they would make a great foundation for strawbale. That way you would have a continous, thick insulating wall right down into the ground, with no thermal bridges draining heat away.