Friday, September 30, 2005

Prairie Phoenix

This new book is almost as beautiful as its subject: the Red Lily in Saskatchewan. It is a wonderful centennial-year tribute to our province's floral emblem, a treat to browse through just for the pictures, and a goldmine of knowledge. Authors Bonnie Lawrence and Anna Leighton share their findings from a ten-year study of the lives of lilies at three Saskatchewan sites, as well as their wisdom from many more years of keen observation of nature. We meet not only the lilies, but also many other creatures, from meadow voles to lily bulb thrips. Bonnie and Anna's creativity shines from the pages: even charts and graphs are works of art. Far from a dry scientific study, this book is rich with stories and recollections of the lily in prairie life reaching back through generations to the first days of settlement. In the back of the book you will find a section on growing the Red Lily in your garden, and even instructions for making paper lilies.

There are local references: Doris Silcox's observations of yellow lilies amongst a patch of red-flowered lilies near Carlyle; my own photo of lilies in the hills north of Arcola; and Mom's photo on the back cover, showing where someone swathing hay in a highway ditch had left a patch of hay standing where a lily bloomed. I hope that person sees this book and smiles.

Mom has donated a copy to the Arcola Public Library. I will be showing my copy to some local retailers, and I'll let you know if it becomes available around here. In Regina, you can find it at the Book and Brier.

Update - you can order Prairie Phoenix online here. Thanks Harold for the tip.


Madcap said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on your photo being included.

H. Stallard said...

Hi Laura,
Just wondering if you would be willing to share how you got “Recent Comments” to show up in your side bar.

Also found the book Prairie Phoenix for sell on the net at…

Harold, also known as Howard

arcolaura said...

Hi Harold,
Thanks for the book seller tip. As for "Recent Comments," I just cut and pasted the code from this Blogger Hack article: Recent comments in the sidebar. Their disclaimer points out that it isn't strictly the most recent comments that appear, but it's usually fairly close.

Madcap said...

You're a sassy man, Howard!