Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting a Handle

There are too many of us out there.

Lauras, that is.

I know of second Lauras who comment on several of my favourite blogs, and now on one blog there is a third.

So I am thinking I will take a new handle. I tried "Laura the Arcologist," but that looks much too pompous. (I don't know; maybe it fits? Gently, please, gently.)

Here are some other ideas:

LArc - too French? I can manage a little conversation, but I have no French heritage.

larc - too acronym-ish? Google brings up an awful lot of research/resource centres. But larc puts me in mind of a singing bird, or a light-hearted rebellious wandering.

larcola - hmm. Sort of icky, but on the plus side, this handle is very rare on the 'Net. Still - I'm no Miss Arcola.

arcolaura - I wouldn't be the only one in the world, but pretty close. I think I like it. The full name of Arcola is there, but muted, and the arc theme is emphasized. And my name is definitely there. Yes, I think I'll take it. I was going to ask for your opinions, but that was before I thought of this one.

Oh don't worry, I'll still welcome your opinions. But I'll probably still be arcolaura.


Madcap said...

Arcolaura gets my vote, too. We'll know exactly who you are.

Madcap said...

And you'd be arcolaureate.

arcolaura said...

arcolaureate - careful, that could go to my head!

Wayne just called me laurarc - mmm, thanks for the suggestion, Wayne, but I'm still favouring arcolaura.

LauraHinNJ said...

I think I may be one of the Laura's you're talking about.

I try to remember to use my last initial (LauraH) on Wayne's blog, so that we won't all get mixed up. There isn't a problem on blogger blogs where my whole name thingie comes up.

Anyway - sorry for the mix-up.

arcolaura said...

Oh, no need to apologize, Laura. You were the first other Laura that I noticed, and unfortunately, my last initial is H too!

Jim said...

Arcolaura is a fine handle but it might take me awhile to get used to you sharing a name with a gas station... How dare them! ;~)

But your picture comes up at EHG's comment page so I always know which Laura is which.

arcolaura said...

There's a gas station?!! That ... hmmm ... no ...

I could get used to that. Sort of a counterpoint. I'd be the real thing.

Tim Hodgens said...

I like it, it's distinctive. Since I've only known you as Arcolaura, I figured, yeah. Hey what the heck it's a free country!

At one point I posted some material on a support group on the web. I made the mistake of mentioning my professional affiliation and was roundly attacked by what seemed like hordes of people.

So I switched to SimplyTim and then I kept writing the same stuff but it was ok then.

For me it's also a reminder to me to keep it simple, to not stay too much in my head. At times it's a challenge.

Now I have to figure out what a arcologist is...a person who studies arcs?

arcolaura said...

Tim - here are a couple of earlier posts that might shed some light on that question:
An Arcologist with a Prior Claim
(Interesting that I named the blog before I even dreamed of the labyrinth)
And I'm assuming you had a look at Introducing Arcol-o-Gist

The blog hasn't developed as much of an "Arcola" focus as I originally imagined. I'd say, at this point, "arcologist" is mostly a hint about the way I think.