Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Psalm, November, 2006

Where are you?
The vaults of heaven have turned to space,
a frozen void shot through with deadly rays.
Are you beyond?

Where are you?
Life is crowded,
turning on itself with hungry tooth and claw.
Things of beauty are dwindled,
clinging on the fringes
and in the cracks
and cringing and shrinking still.
Are you within?

Where are you?
Will I find you in the towers of glass and steel,
in the humming wires,
in the pointed tubes of hardened metal charged with power and death,
in the cheered performances ringed with pavement and cars,
in our sacrifice of praise?
Are you really there?

If you are there,

why have you made me
such that I cannot love you?

I know, I know.
You are the potter,
and I the clay.

Dash me to pieces if you will.

I wait

with wild eyes

and pounding heart

and find you

in the breath

that breathes these words

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