Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You Already Hold the Truth

Well, here it is: You Already Hold the Truth, sung, in mp3 format, about 1.8 MB. I'm just itching to type a whole page of excuses and wishes to do better and all, but my sister says "Never apologize," and I almost always kind-of sort-of listen to my sister, so I'll just hush.

The lyrics are here.


Madcap said...

You're out of the closet - bravo!

Now, when did you finish writing? (And yes, I know there's finished, and there's FINISHED, but whatever finished you are at the moment.)

arcolaura said...

It hasn't changed much since I finished the lyric a week ago. I'd been trying auto accompaniments from my keyboard, and fingerpicking, electric guitar, and bass line with a muted percussive guitar thing, but my execution is so weak on all those things, I finally just went back to the strum.

Dan Trabue said...

Waycool! You've got a neat well-aged sound there, ya know? It feels like a song that's been around for a while. Thanks for sharing.

arcolaura said...

Thanks Dan! Much appreciate the affirmation.