Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not Flat, Not Bald

Are y'all giggling at my struggles to portray my hometown as a lovely place? Well, I won't listen till you come and see for yourselves. I suggest June 24th - catch our town fair, see the Herman-Stewart clan and friends marching in the parade as the Arcola Community Band, and enjoy the wildflowers blooming in the hills. There's camping right in town, or at Kenosee (in Moose Mountain Park). The Chaparral Inn is a pleasant little motel. And there's bus service from Regina, as long as you're willing to stay over the weekend.

View of Main Street as you come into town.

North to the hills. Forgive me for cozying up to a bush for a more appealing picture.

Now, tell me what you think. Is my part of Saskatchewan really flat and bald? Or just a little brown right now?

1 comment:

Jim said...


It looks nice and open to me, and I do see some hills in the distance.

But what do I know, I even like the desert! ;~)