Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More about Earth Day

I sat down to write about bringing in a movie for Earth Day, and ended up ranting about believing in our girls and helping them do community service and help the environment year round. Read that first.

Now about that movie. Like I said, I want to stir things up a bit. Beware, o thou members of the Christian Education Committee. I stand nominated to replace your chairperson this fall. Here' s a foretaste.

I contacted the movie co-ordinator for the Optimists Club a while ago, suggesting that they bring in El Caballo for Earth Day. The decision was that it didn't fit their mandate.

I still want to see it done.

I'll be bringing the idea to the meeting this Wednesday. I will personally kick in part of the cost to bring in the movie. I want help with the rest, plus whatever the Optimists will need for the use of the theatre and the help of one of their projectionists (hopefully nothing). I will also look for support from the Earth and Sky Society and the Moose Mountain Wildlife Federation. Any other suggestions? Are you with me?

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arcolaura said...

Forgot to mention, the Optimists are open to the idea. We're thinking it could be screened on Sunday the 23rd, in the afternoon. I don't know how long it takes to get a film in, so this may all be moot for this year, but we don't know until we try.