Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Moose Mountains in pictures

Another disappointing website - Moose Mountain Provincial Park has a collection of pictures, but they don't really show the Moose Mountains as I know and love them. Looks like I have a summer project to document the beauty of this area.

In the Virtual Saskatchewan article about Moose Mountain Park, there is one photo that comes close to showing the backwoods that I wandered in my summers as a youngster (the one captioned "Summer memories for generations").


Madcap said...

The Arcola area must be where the flat bald Saskatchewan stereotype was invented, huh? Gosh. I don't know if I could handle a landscape even less forested than the one I live in! And flatter, too.... Well, I might be forced to come for a visit sometime and see it with my own eyeballs, if I can wrestle my allergies down a bit. Thanks for the pictures!

arcolaura said...

Flat??? Bald?? I think I gotta get some more pictures. Or get my eyes adjusted... no, I like the view this way.

True, the immediate vicinity of Arcola is a glacial lake bed. But it's not as flat as the area south of Regina, and nowhere near as large an extent of pancake-flat land. The hills - oh, why don't I have more pictures of the hills? Just four miles north, and you climb an escarpment of nearly 400 feet, and then it's strongly rolling land, most of it still in native grass and trees because it's too rough for extensive grain farming. And south of town there's the creek, with not much of a valley in the culvert scene I linked, but the valley gets deeper and wilder farther east.

I dunno, maybe you have to grow up here to love it. But no, my mom loves it, and she grew up in Toronto with summers at a cottage on a lake north of Kingston - rocks and trees and water. When she moved to the prairies, she said it felt like coming home.