Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where Your Treasure Is . . .

It seems much easier this spring to keep my garden seedlings tended. Other years I would let them dry out, or forget to bring them inside during hardening off, or just not get them planted at all, but this year all those little tasks seem to be happening as part of a natural flow. Even though my seedling flats are boarding in bro-in-law's porch across the street, they are getting much more attention than when they were crowded on a windowsill right here in the house.

I think it's partly because I'm outside a lot, setting up rain barrels and digging out a tree stump. Every so often as I lean on my shovel or go to get a drink of water, it occurs to me to check on my plants.

Perhaps more important, though, is a shift in my attitude. I habitually keep a half-dozen or more projects on the go, and the garden has been just one of those, often waiting in line behind paid employment, music, family holidays, and whatever interesting workshops might come to my attention. This year, the garden is my number one focus. And every little visit to my seedlings is a joy.

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