Saturday, April 22, 2006

So, in honour of Earth Day . . .

. . . I drove a 160 km round trip yesterday, just to pick up a DVD (weighing what, a couple of ounces?) from a customs broker at the U.S. border. Another copy was on its way to me directly in the mail, but apparently the film distribution company underestimated the delay it would face, passively waiting its turn in a customs office somewhere. On the second last business day before the show date, I decided the film needed an active escort across the line.

That took a couple of hours out of my gardening time. Now I'll spend a good chunk of the weekend figuring out the borrowed projection equipment, watching the film, cleaning up the theatre . . . and knowing every hour is going to cost my early plants some growing time.

Lord, save me from my good intentions.


p.s. about the show:

Earth Day Event:
El Caballo
2 p.m. Sunday, April 23rd
at the MacMurray Theatre, Arcola
Silver Collection
Everyone Welcome - but I don't want to see cars and trucks lining both sides of the street!

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