Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Birds: the regulars return

I spent a few minutes in the yard this evening, and gradually became aware of the birdsong. Meadow larks, singing loud and clear and close, instead of the one distant call that made me hold my breath earlier this week. Killdeer, their repetitive call slowly gaining my attention from the background. A mourning dove. And — right there on that branch — a robin! I wonder how long they've been fluttering about just outside the edges of my consciousness.

And then a rumble. Is it a motorcycle revving up, or the first thunder of the season?


A comment from one reading over my shoulder: Ruth heard a phoebe today.


Anonymous said...

I know that rumbling confusion thing. Happens to me frequently.

Anonymous said...

hey... i remember a while back you tracked down all the arcolas in the world, and one of them was the arcola high bridge, which happens to be in my neck of the woods. just found this cool historic photo of the bridge being constructed and thought you might enjoy. it's from the minnesota historical society's web site.

sorry to detract from the topic...


arcolaura said...

pablo - you mean you're confused by the rumbling, or you can hear your own confusion? I sometimes daydream that if I had some sort of direct transcription of the thoughts running through my head while I'm working on something totally other, I could produce all sorts of wonderful blog posts. But in reality, I doubt if that would work. If anybody interrupts me by asking what I'm thinking, all they get is a rumble.

DB - that is cool! Thanks!