Friday, January 20, 2006

"Things are heating up in Nepal..."

That's what my Dad observed the other day. I wonder if he has been seeking out news, or if Nepal is finally getting some attention from the major news outlets.

Garth confirmed Dad's observation. He phoned to reassure me that he was okay, safe in his hotel for the time being, in case I had seen news of the day-long curfew imposed to thwart a mass demonstration against the king.

A fine time for things to heat up, just when we've started counting down the days to Garth's return. He assured me that he can get special police permission to travel if there's a curfew when he needs to get to the airport!

I can't begin to imagine how it would feel to watch the conflict escalate, if Nepal was the only home you had ever known.


Madcap said...

That must be nerve-wracking. I wish him home safe with you, quickly.

arcolaura said...

He seems rather unconcerned about it. When he couldn't go to work during the curfew, he got to lie in the sun at the hotel. Poor man.