Saturday, January 07, 2006

One less weird thing about me:

- as of this evening, I've been to a Combines game. It was 6-0 for the Wawota Flyers. *Sigh* According to the Big Six web site, the Combines haven't won a game yet this season, although the scores had been getting closer lately. Even this loss was much closer than some of the early games.

I had fun watching, anyway. I never watch pro hockey, so I'm easily impressed by a bit of stick handling or a quick turn. I'm happy if I can keep track of where the puck is most of the time. Next I'll start trying to figure out offsides and icing. Hmm, sounds like I'll be going again. I didn't much like it when it got mean, except for the fascination of seeing a guy skating toward the penalty box and laughing merrily with the ref. I might learn something about human nature.

Next home game is Tuesday, January 17th against Bienfait. I know, that name looks like "well done," but the way we pronounce it around here, we're talking about the destiny of beans.

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