Thursday, January 05, 2006

Five Weird Things

I've been tagged by Kate:

"List five weird things about yourself, then tag five others to do the same"

Wa-ell, let's see now.

1) I live in Arcola and I've never been to a Combines hockey game. (I'm not proud of this; it just is. Maybe Saturday.)
2) I've been known to walk downtown pulling a cooler on a toboggan to get my groceries. I'd be making a habit of it, but there's not enough snow yet. (My teenage daughter is probably praying that it never snows again.)
3) I still let my mom buy most of my clothes. She just watches for whichever essential item looks most worn, and replaces it.
4) I love ballroom dancing, traditional dancing, anything that gets you matching patterns to music. In my generation, that's weird. (Scroll down in the link to see the Arcola Scottish Country Dancers - can you spot me?)
5) My idea of a perfect family outing is to bike down to the creek, climb down the dusty rocks, and try to balance through the culverts without getting wet. The kids love it too, although they'd rather we drove. Sigh.

As for tagging, any fellow bloggers who feel so inclined, consider yourselves tagged (just drop a note back here for those in pursuit of weirdness).

And you non-bloggers: how about this. Click on the comments link below and get your feet wet. Tell us all five weird things about yourself. Or if you're too shy for that, just tell the world a few weird things that I neglected to mention about myself.


Anonymous said...

1. I once called a television station to leave a message for the anchorman that the word "sentence" has a T in the middle and is NOT pronounced "sin-ince." I also make grammatical and spelling corrections on signs.

2. Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches are really yummy. I also like peanut butter on club sandwiches with canned turkey. This even disgusts my mother. What confuses my husband is that I am disgusted by ketchup on chicken sandwiches. Ketchup is only for beef. And french fries.

3. I enjoy filling out forms and taking surveys. I find it satisfying to fill in blanks and I'm very opinionated. Having someone ASK for my opinion is great! (I guess that's why I'm commenting on this post, too. Thanks for asking!)

4. Some people think it's weird that I've been in Canada for over 7 years and I have no intention of becoming a citizen. I've taken to calling myself a "semi-permanent" resident since permanent resident (which is what the government calls me) just doesn't feel accurate. And I'm all about accuracy.

5. No matter what city I visit I have to buy a local paper and read it from cover to cover. I'm addicted. Thank goodness for recycling or I'd have tons of guilt about the amount of paper delivered to our house.

Madcap said...

Hmm. Five weird things. I'll try...

1. I hate socks. I hate the feeling that my ankles are in a tourniquet, and I hate the rubby feeling on the soles of my feet. But I'm cold without them these days!

2. I like really hard backrubs, when my husband chases those knots and really nails them, no matter how much it hurts. I also like how the knots begin to twitch after he holds pressure on them for a while.

3. I have almost no desire to travel.

I'm sorry, I'm completely at a loss. I should turn the question over to Chive and ask him five weird things about me. Me, I'm just not all that weird!

arcolaura said...

meesh - welcome! Do you have a blog, or were you just getting your feet wet? (And if so, was it fun?)

madcap - I found it really hard to think of weird things, too. I think of myself as quite eccentric, but coming up with specifics was tough! I'm with you on the travel thing, though. I considered mentioning that I have no interest in going where it's warmer. There's a limit to how many clothes one can take off!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger, just a blog reader. Is there some name for that? Maybe bloggee? I found this site by starting with small dead animals and following the "five weird things" tags.

I don't know if I could blog. I tend to think that it's best to not leave any permanent evidence. Just like I don't like to journal and I don't like to be videotaped. But I like to read other people's blogs so I'm grateful not everyone is like me!

And yes, it was fun!