Monday, July 23, 2007

The Whistlepigs

Fred, Joel, Chris, and Ross: thank you!

These guys are the Whistlepigs, and they are four of the most generous spirits I've ever had the privilege to meet. They drove a full turn of the clock to return to the Forget Summer Arts Festival this past weekend, came out and led a fine jam into the wee hours at the campfire Friday night, and then hit the main stage at 10 a.m. the next morning for workshops and played in every one. Then when those workshops were over, they came over to the songwriter circle and did a great job offering a listening ear to budding songwriters, sharing encouragement, experience, and inspiration. I was hosting the circle, but I mostly sat back and let the 'Pigs and the Frontier Gals do all the work. Thanks again, everyone: you made the "Two Ears, One Mouth" workshop everything I had hoped it would be and more.

But wait, that's only the beginning. Saturday evening, when it was thirty-some degrees in the shade (that's ninety for you southerners), these guys got up in the floodlights for an hour and a half and gave their all. I had spent ten minutes on that stage earlier in the afternoon, and it was like a sauna already - I'm sure it had only got hotter since then. But there's no stopping the 'Pigs! I don't know how anybody sat still through that show - I found a spot (in the shade!) at the side of the crowd where I could stamp my feet and clap along, and oh, I wanted to sing. If my dancing partner hadn't been working at the festival gate, I bet we'd'a been up in front of the stage. Hey, Fred, when is the next CD coming out? I have lots of memories of building fences with my dad - I want to hear some more of that fenceline song. And more of all the rest, too!

After all that, Fred and Chris still made it down to the campfire after midnight for a few songs. They finally gave up when they were just about falling asleep sitting up with a tune in their hands. Thanks again, guys. I can only dream of ever playing like you, but I hope and pray that I can learn to welcome a neighbour like you do.


Anonymous said...

Laura--you (and the rest of the community up there in Forget) are way too kind to us. Thank YOU for creating a truly magical musical spot. I can't imagine we'll ever book anything else on the third weekend of July :^).

Thanks also for the kind words about Fenceline. We start recording the 2nd, long overdue CD on Wed this week. Send us good vibes. It's been tough to get our schedules to match up.

Hey, when are you going to put up some tracks of your own? I want to hear your "plumbing" song again ;^).



arcolaura said...

Hehehe - the plumbing song - I never quite know whether people want to hear that again, or whether it's a bit too evocative! I did have a few tracks up on this website (under the "songs" label), but the hosting was elsewhere and somebody didn't renew it. Maybe next winter I'll get that fixed up. Right now I can't even mix down a .wav file for the lady who commissioned a lullaby for her grandbaby - and I live with a computer guy. Go figure.

I'll be thinking of you, and looking forward to that CD, and next year in Forget.

Deb said...

Sounds great- I wish I had been there!

arcolaura said...

Me too, Deb! I'd sure like to meet you sometime, somewhere. At a 'Pig gig would be sweet...

arcolaura said...

Oh, and Fred - I'm just a bit player in the creation of the magic at Forget. Shannon and Don, Hank and Gyda, I'd better stop there so as not to miss someone, but it would be a long list before my name would come up. I'm just thrilled to have even a wee little part in it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura:

Ross put some pics up at our site. Check out

Sorry we couldn't find one of you!

arcolaura said...

Great pics, and guess what - you do have one of me! In the "Workshops and Other Performers" slideshow, the very first frame, I'm the clarinet player on the left. It's the Arcola Community Band, by the way, but I figure if we're called the Forget Marching Band once in a while, that's an honour. :)

Oh, best word verification ever:

Ever heard an ox miaw?

Jim said...

Now that sounds like a blast! Peggy and I are music festival addicts and dancing fools... stop, the Millpond Festival in the Eastern Sierra town of Bishop.

Three Cheers for the Whistlepigs!

arcolaura said...

It was a blast, indeed, Jim. I'm still happily recovering. Have fun at the Millpond!