Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Clearing the Air

I've often wondered about Dr. Tim Ball. What exactly is his background, and how did he end up with such a radically different perspective on climate change than other climatologists?

From some legal documents published on DeSmogBlog, it appears that he uses a radically different definition of climatology.



Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
It was nice to meet you and your family at the Saskatchewan bloggers picnic!

I enjoyed the variety of topics that were exchanged.. it was fun and refreshing..

Saskatchewan Picnic photos.

My write up of the event
Saskatchewan bloggers blog post


Monty Loree

arcolaura said...

Thanks Monty - nice pics! Good to meet you and toss some ideas around. As you said in your write up, it was fun to meet the real people and still feel free to be our opinionated selves. I found it great fun to meet Kate and bring out the old differences but with a joke and a smile.