Sunday, July 29, 2007


Looks like moose country, don't you think?


But I've seen them out there - not right along this highway south of Stoughton, but not far from it, near Lampman. And I've seen them in similar country south of Willmar.

I've heard that they have been seen on that vast bald expanse in southeast Alberta. Why are they venturing afield?

Here on the edge of the Moose Mountains, I hear talk about the timber they are cutting in the Park to try to get the forest to regenerate, and speculation that wildlife is on the move because of that. But moose would appreciate the regrowth in those cutblocks.

I also hear some talk about the old days, when anything leaving the sanctuary of the Park forest would be quickly diverted to somebody's freezer.

Is this sign another side effect of the gun registry?


Madcap said...

Sign of the gun registry? I think it is. That and a few other things.

But, you know, I never saw a moose til I moved "south". I was living up there in what was supposed to be intensive moose playground, and never spotted one until I came down here and they're dancing all over the highways. Odd.

arcolaura said...

Well, they are a little easier to spot with their tree-trunk-coloured bulk towering over all that grass...

A few other things? Like, the belief that meat comes from a supermarket? Yes, that could explain some of it, too.

trevor Herriot said...

Thanks for the comment on my posting about moose in Regina. I agree with you--it is doubtful that your moose appearing have anything to do with the loggin in the park. Moose like regrowth areas.