Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Googling the Vestibule

Now that the dimensions of the building addition are cast in concrete, I am getting down to the design details. A little late, no? Yep. Trying to make a vestibule fit in the corner, and still have room between it and the basement stairs for a utility sink, I got looking on the 'Net for ideas about minimum dimensions for the vestibule.

"Vestibule dimensions" turns up some interesting international building code stuff, but that's aimed at public buildings with high traffic. Then there are a couple of scientific articles, one having to do with ions and mouse lymphocytes (cool, but I don't have time to begin to understand it) and another with floral morphology and pollination (oh, yes, I vaguely remember something about a "vestibule" in a flower - again, no time for that). Scrolling on down, I find more building design stuff, but I also start to see product specs and reviews for backpacker's tents. Nope, no time for backpacking, definitely not.

Soon I start to see more scientific articles, this time about the inner ear. Makes sense. Scroll on, scroll on.

The link that startles me is "Ezekiel 40." Well, sure, now that I think of it, there are some vestibule dimensions in there.

Okay, I think I've pursued this wild google chase long enough. Time for common sense. Make the doors swing out of the vestibule, not into it, and remember to leave enough room for all four of us bending over to take boots off all at once. Then again, we could take turns...


Tim Hodgens said...

Hi Laura,

Your googling goose chase and having to hurry on reminds me of Mr. So and So on the Mr. Roger's show...he was always saying something like....well I have to go now, have to go now, no time...

Maybe for your vestibule a reminder to be open to zen moments.


arcolaura said...

Ah, I'm usually pretty open. Too open, when browsing the web - hours later I realize that I have absorbed a cornucopia of irrelevant trivia, forgotten the necessary research I set out to complete, and missed the beauty of the day.

But maybe we could put something symbolic into that vestibule, a mosaic in the floor or something... maybe something about wholeheartedness written on the doorposts?