Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Remember Forget!

This Friday-Saturday in Forget: the Forget Summer Arts Festival. The posters mention folks like Brad Johner and Johnny Cajun and Deb's friends, the Whistlepigs; but I'm going to mention:
  • the Arcola Community Band marching into the grounds to open the festival;
  • the "Two Ears, One Mouth" songwriters' circle where we will deliberately listen to those whose songs have not been heard before;
  • and a certain "tweener" act on the main stage at 4:15 p.m. Saturday. Right now I'm trying to decide whether to change my guitar strings for that lively sound, or stick with the old ones and play in tune . . .


Deb said...

I wish I could be there. Good luck, Laura! And say hi to Fred, Joel, Chris and Ross (The Whistlepigs) from me. Aside from knowing and playing music with Fred, I found out I went to college with Joel, the banjo player. I was even in symphonic band with him for a while (he obviously was not playing the banjo!)

Deb said...

Also, tell them I'm planning on being there for Braham Pie Day! I have strong roots in Braham, and I'll probably bring my 88 year old grandma to see the 'Pigs. :)

arcolaura said...

Hey Deb! Wish I'd seen these messages earlier, but I've been mostly on the road this week. It was great to meet the Whistlepigs and hear them live at last - what a treat! If you read this before you see them, please say a big thank you from me for all their help at the songwriter circle. I was the host, but I let them and the Frontier Gals do most of the work, and they did a great job. It turned out to be a really supportive and informative workshop for budding songwriters - everything I'd hoped for and more.

And Deb, thank YOU so much for introducing me to the Whistlepigs! I'd better not try to say more right now, being about a full night behind in my sleep and with my head spinning from the Festival PLUS an incredibly moving workshop just hours before it with John Bell of Iona Community PLUS a good visit with my old open-mic-night buddy Chris Weber of CW StringWorks in Moose Jaw the day before that. (I was supposed to be attending a workshop with Murray McLauchlan, but he missed his plane, so my guitar got some TLC instead, and oohwee, it's sounding sweet.) I haven't had a slow moment to sort any of this out, so all my thoughts tend toward superlatives, but for the 'Pigs, they'd be well deserved. Wow!