Thursday, August 24, 2006


Don't-a wanna blog no more, no more;
I don't-a wanna blog no more.
But how in the heck
can I moan and fret
if I ain't-a gonna blog no more?

I'm tired of hearing myself talk.

Maybe I'll hook up some cables and let you hear my guitar pickin' instead.

But it's not exciting to listen to yet, not for anyone else but me. For me it's a great thrill, because it's so much better than before, and I can imagine it getting better and better still.

One of these days I'll post the story of my adventures at the Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party last week. I have a draft in progress. Trouble is, something has changed inside, and I'd much rather do stuff than talk about it. I had been thinking about turning the Daily Bed into the "Daily Bread" (as the food moves indoors) or the "Daily Fret" (a guitar practise journal, or a grumble, depending on the day) or a "Daily Yet-not-thought-of-word-here." Then I thought it could become something more metaphorical - the "bed" being any rooting zone in my life that needs tending - but then I realized that I'd rather write that sort of stuff in a private journal, thanks.

And I thought about moving Arcol-o-Gist towards my original concept, putting in a lot more community news and focussing my opinion pieces more locally. But I'd rather write a book.

And speaking of books, I haven't been reading much lately. I miss that.

Mostly I just want to tend to my own life without trying to make it interesting for anyone else. I dunno, maybe it would be a good exercise for me, to try to make housecleaning interesting. But I just want to get on with it.

So please excuse me while I dig in the back of literal and metaphorical closets and decide what I need, what I want in my life, and what is just dragging me down. Once I know what my treasures are, perhaps I'll share some.

For now, I just want to say thank you to all of you who have given me so much over the past year in your comments both here and on your own blogs. I've been encouraged, challenged, gentled, toughened, and best of all, warmed at heart with your virtual hugs.

Time will tell whether I bounce back to blogging in a week or two, or just lurk quietly in other people's comments boxes, or vanish into the wilderness for a while. But if you need to know what I'm up to, please get in touch. It's koelmac - the four-three field code for June grass (Koeleria macrantha) - and the domain is yahoo dot ca.


Granny said...

I'll miss you even though I don't always comment.

And I will keep checking back.

Madcap said...

Okay, I guess that's allowed. But remember! Writing is a performance activity, too, just like music.

H. Stallard said...

May your fingers always be nimble...
May your strings never break...
May the music always flow from your heart...

Best wishes always...

arcolaura said...

mmm - thanks all. You're tugging at my fingers...