Saturday, August 26, 2006

Still wondering

If I sing in the forest
with no human ears but my own to hear
is it music?


Granny said...

Sure, just like singing in the shower?

Anonymous said...

Well, this post is somewhat oblique but given the previous it seems you have at the moment a panoply of dissatisfactions with blogging, so even if I'm going in utterly the wrong direction, I shall throw myself into the waters.

Yes, the singing is heard. I don't read posts by RSS, but I do use it as an alert system and then I go to the website and read what has been written. And among the many reasons why I have Arcol-o-Gist on my alert system is your rip-roaring sense of humor and your eclectic choice of subject matters.

I particularly enjoyed your recent Choices post. And just a bit earlier was the Sand Hills post. Yes, I'm going through the archives to remind me of what I've enjoyed). I've enjoyed your botanical posts as well and it certainly appeals to me that someone else dabbles seriously in a subject that is near and dear. The excellent photographs intrigue me, as they offer me visions that I don't see around here.

Despite my poor commenting history I do read what you write. Commenting is something that I sometimes fail to do and it's only been recently that I've realized some of why that is. Probably one of the reasons, and it's not this blog that I'm talking about, is that I've gotten the impression that a fair number of patrons on other blogs resent someone coming in and "vulgarizing the wordsmithing" by offering something informationally related but perhaps not spiritually related. I should just laugh and ignore it and spread my vulgarity anyway, but instead it inhibits me.

Regardless of *my* sensitivities, I enjoy reading about your observations and the events happening in a place far from me that I like hearing and seeing more about.

(Nonetheless, Laura, there may certainly come periods of time when one just doesn't want to blog. Take a vacation and enjoy your freedom from it knowing you can come back and post whatever you want to anytime you want to.)

arcolaura said...

Thanks, Wayne. I feel a bit mollified. I don't think I was really fishing for all this affirmation, but it feels good anyway! Actually I am trying to take a holiday from a whole lot of stuff, not just blogging. Somehow the couple of stretches of time away from home this summer did a major reset on my perceptions of my own life, and I realized I've been getting farther and farther behind in everything from outside obligations to cleaning closets, for years and years. My new attitude is something like this: sustainability begins at home.

So, I'll probably keep blogging, a bit here and there, but I won't allow myself any worrying about how many days have passed without a post.

Now, about music. If I were the last person on Earth, would I still sing?

I think I would sing myself hoarse, dance until I dropped, play maestro to a thunderstorm... but maybe I would just lie down with my ear and my heart to the earth and wait. And maybe I'd get hungry and thirsty, and carry on.