Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Food Shortage for Thought

Lester Brown looks at the accelerating contest between cars and people for food.

I'm not sure I share his optimism about wind electric alternatives.

And I notice he doesn't mention the option of leaving the car parked.

But it's one more wake-up call, anyway.


Madcap said...

That's curious that it never seems to be factored in, the possibility of driving significantly less. All I can come back to when I read an article like that is that we will indeed be growing more of our own food. Sugar may not be available, but bees in the backyard are.

arcolaura said...

Yes, Garth keeps talking about bees. I suppose I should encourage him, except that he is obviously looking at it from a profit angle - when the sugar shortage hits, he will have the local honey market cornered - and I am still trying to get away from all that. Honey for ourselves - great. Surplus honey to barter with neighbours - good too, if and when it happens. Maximum honey production as the focus of our lives - no thanks. I wish he and I could find some common ground in this whole discussion. I'm not very good at being contrary. Contrary to the drift of society - no problem. Contrary to the views of most acquaintances - I can do that too, and even enjoy it. But being contrary to the people I share a roof with, day in and day out - that makes me tired.

Madcap said...

I can see how that would be pretty exhausting. I'm not very good at living with that kind of ongoing tension myself.

How was the camping? Any revelations whilst you wandered in the wilderness?

Saskboy said...

Large lawns are going to be a thing of the past. Any available green space near people will/should have orchards, berry patches, and veggies growing. Apple trees should be EVERYWHERE.

/on a side note:
How did you get the 'A' favourite icon to show on your journal?

arcolaura said...

The "A" icon? How did I do that, again? I stumbled across instructions somewhere, and I don't seem to have saved them. Basically, I made a 16x16 pixel gif, saved it on Garth's website (which - note to self - may soon disappear if I don't get some FTPing done), and added a line like the following to the "head" section of my blog template:
{LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF=""}. Of course the curly brackets should be replaced with angle brackents, and the url with whatever applies in your case. There are more detailed instructions here, which will make your icon acceptable to Microsoft, if you want to be bothered figuring out how to create your icon in the .ico format.

Saskboy said...

Thank you for the tip, I think I'll use that on my blogspot blogs now.