Monday, August 14, 2006

Take the Log Out

This morning I found myself thinking about Jesus' teaching about taking the log out of one's own eye. It struck me as significant that he said to take it out, not just be aware of it. Really, if this was just the popular "live-and-let-live" idea, he could have said something like this:
Before you mention to your dinner partner that there's a crumb in his mustache, be aware of the week-old sandwiches in your beard.
But no, he said to take the log out of your eye. It's affecting the way you see the world. When you go to take that speck out of your neighbour's eye, with that timber swinging around in front of your face, you just might blind him.

I think that's why I appreciate Eleutheros so much. He is not just talking about a dream of a better path, and what it might look like. He is describing what he sees, because he is there.

He's been writing a lot lately. I won't likely be writing at all this week, but I highly recommend Eleu's recent posts, if you haven't discovered them yet, or his archives - even a second or third time through.

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Laura! Come out, come out, wherever you are!