Thursday, May 18, 2006


I'm a cautious person. When acquiring a new power, the first thing I want to learn is how to turn it off, stop, reverse all effects.

Looks like somebody else wasn't so cautious.

Garth found this in the back of a kitchen drawer yesterday and offered to straighten it. I said I wanted to put a picture on my blog first, and then he got downright anxious to straighten it, in case somebody thought I was serious. He would want you to know that he was going to straighten it with his big brawny hands.

The truth is, we found it in the lawn last fall. It's our spoon, alright, but the circumstantial evidence points to an encounter with the lawn mower.

That must have been back in the days before we got our quiet humble ground-driven reel-type mower, which would stop dead rather than put a mark in a spoon, even a plastic one, but cuts grass just fine.


Madcap said...

How does your reel mower do on patchy, gravelly bits? We have a lot of those, and Chive says he doesn't think a reel mower would work here. I think he's wrong. Well, I want him to be wrong, anyway. What does the voice of experience say?

arcolaura said...

Well, we don't have much patchy gravelly stuff. I think it has worked okay along the edges of the gravel driveway. The only places I recall having trouble were the shady spots where the grass is very thin and fine (just bends under the reel) or the lush spots that got too tall and thick between cuttings (makes the going very tough). I actually haven't mowed much yet this year, and the grass is getting shockingly long. I have my doubts about whether the reel mower will manage it at this point. If Garth doesn't fire up the gas mower soon, I might have to borrow a scythe.

Anonymous said...

Urrigellarities, indeed!

That has got to be the worst pun yet on a blog!

Anonymous said...

A man I know spoke of his youthful Boy Scout days and how they used to camp at a site that is now a luxury home development. He says that when the folks are digging their gardens there now, they will probably come across a lot of his mother's missing silverware.

arcolaura said...

Eleu - really?! Thanks! I'll have to tell my dad, he'll be proud.

Pablo - uh-oh. James just joined Scouts. Does this mean the utensils will be disappearing faster?