Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tai Chi Labyrinth Update

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Ruth thought my project looked a bit spooky at this stage.

The gaps are narrowing . . .

As of this writing, I've actually connected the garden arc right through the sod in the foreground, and filled in the wedge of bare soil in the background with sod. Those are chives in the garden dot just right of centre.

I've still got a lot more digging to do. In the background at left, you may be able to pick out a semicircle outlined with blue flags. It's the same size as the sod semicircle in front of the chives. That whole semicircle in the background has to be deep dug to turn the sod into garden soil, and there are some narrow arcs out of sight (visible at the left in the top picture) to be deep dug as well. Meanwhile, the weather is looking beautiful this week, so I think I will put the digging on hold and plant the beds I've got.


H. Stallard said...

You haven't by any chance been to Nazca Peru lately have you??

arcolaura said...

Hehehe - nope, lately I've hardly been out of my backyard!

Kati said...

Fabulous idea. Although I had seen mazes, I did not realize they were different from labyrinths until about 5 years ago when I read about them at Soul of the Garden. I'd like to try a labyrinth in my garden too someday!