Friday, May 26, 2006

A Portrait of Me

At Summer at the Centre last year, we enjoyed everything from campfires with songs, skits, and games, to building a labyrinth, to lazy time with home-spa treatments and great food, to watersliding, golfing, hiking, and paddling. Through the week we also took turns at the computers, designing our own T-shirt transfers so that we could take home a wearable souvenir.

This was my design.


Madcap said...

Why doesn't this surprise me?

I keep looking back at the real estate listings in Saskatchewan, but the treelessness kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. I NEED some bush! But the lakes are awfully nice.... with enough irrigation? Hmmm...

arcolaura said...

Oh, we do have tree-huggers here. This is just my ornery snort at such nonsense. If you plow a flowline or a utility cable through the aspen bush around here, it may take awhile, but the trees and bush will grow back, pretty much the same way they were before. If you plow it through native grass, well, we talk a big plan about "reclamation," but I've never seen it work. What I have seen, many times, are projects designed to spare the trees by plowing through the grass. Makes me want to scream. I'm not really one to lie down in front of a bulldozer and cling to grass roots, though.