Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Have a Blizzard

This fanciful image appeared in the Environment Canada weather forecast summary this evening, to symbolize a blizzard. To me it suggests something more like pixie dust. Anyway, the forecast is for a low of -25ºC with winds of 40 km/h gusting to 60, producing a windchill of -35ºC. We're not quite there yet. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder, but the snow is ending sometime overnight, and that will end the blizzard. There is actually very little snow with this system - a "dusting," they said in the blizzard warning - but it's certainly blowing around. If there was more snowfall, it might not be so cold. This is one of those unusual bits of weather when it's cold but not calm, snowing but not warm. (Well, warm is a relative term, don't you know?)

Garth expected to be on the road tonight, but his meeting was cancelled, so I trust that he is safe in Moosomin where he has been working this week. His brother Brian, on the other hand, drove to Weyburn for a bonspiel.


UPDATE - well, that was brief; right after I posted this, I looked again at the forecast and the blizzard warning was ended. I guess we didn't get the four hours of sustained low visibility and cold windchill required to make it an official blizzard.


Tim Hodgens said...

Got a question. What's a "bonspiel" A good time? A good spin? Perchance does it involve a lot of alcool?


Madcap said...

Hey, we got that icon here too! I think that must be one of the most recent artistic offerings from Environment Canada. Didn't conjure up a blizzard for me, either.

arcolaura said...

Recent, or rarely seen? I notice that the icon's file name is 40.gif, way down the list. In our parts, we get a fair number of winter storms, but very few of them meet the qualifications of a blizzard, because it's usually warmer when these low pressure systems go through.

Didn't conjure up a blizzard... - gosh, scary thought, an icon that could conjure a blizzard. Did you get some wild weather, though?