Friday, February 16, 2007

It's opening day...

...of the Great Backyard Bird Count! (Previous...)

I've been searching for images of Saskatchewan birds, and found some fine collections of bird photographs from our vicinity. The most striking is a blog by Saskatoon-based Nick Saunders. You may have to wade a bit if you search for a specific bird, but browsing is a delight.

Here are some others:

Saskatchewan Ecosystem Image Information System
Gallery: Birds of Saskatchewan by Rick Carlson

Manitoba Naturalists Society - Miscellaneous Images
Christian Artuso's Wildlife Photography
The Birds of Manitoba Online

North Dakota: from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center:
Songbirds of North Dakota
Sparrows of North Dakota
Marshbirds and Shorebirds of North Dakota
Hawks, Eagles and Falcons of North Dakota
The Owls of North Dakota

Birds - Montana Animal Field Guide

South Dakota:
South Dakota Birds and Birding
Doug Backlund Photography

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