Thursday, February 08, 2007


I remember a colouring book full of circular designs. When we ran out of pages to colour, we drew our own mandalas. I seem to recall drawing mandalas for some years afterwards.

More recently I heard about Tibetan monks visiting Regina and making a sand mandala at the library. It remained on display for a short while, and then all the coloured sands were swept together and the monks moved on.

I didn't go to see it.

It seemed as if mandalas were just a colourful moment in my memory, until Deb's dream sent me looking for a website to link as an explanation for my comment at her site.

And then I realized that I have built a mandala in my backyard.

And there are mandalas everywhere.


Deb said...

I just said this over in my blog comments, but I'll say it here too: You got it! What I saw was definitely a mandala composed of tiny points of light. I'm going to do a bit more exploration into Jung and mandalas. This is cool stuff. Thanks!

arcolaura said...

You're welcome! And thanks for stirring up memories. James was experimenting with an online "Mandala Maker" this morning - more cool stuff.

Tim Hodgens said...

Laura: Happy Valentine's day! I'll borrow Jim's picture of earth on his blog on this date( "send" it to you.

Here in Massachusetts we are in the middle of a decent (finally) winter storm - 'bout time!

arcolaura said...

Thanks Tim, that's a sweet picture! I hope you're spreading your storm cheer. I am delighted that we have finally had a good cold spell, and it's lasted long enough that I will actually welcome the break when it warms up tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!