Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wrigglers in the Rain Barrel

I was filling up my cordless hose* by dipping it in the as-yet lidless rain barrel, when I noticed the wrigglers. I'd been watching for them. Time to water the whole garden, instead of just the new seedlings, and empty the barrel.

As I got down to the last few inches of water, I noticed some red flakes swirling on the bottom of the barrel. It took me a moment to realized that these were bits of paint from the 50-year-old wooden shingles above. I don't know how old the paint is, but I'm hoping it's not old enough to have a lot of lead in it. I'm sure the roof has been shedding paint for many years, but lately it's been shedding shingles too; just single narrow ones so far, but enough to get me thinking renovations again.

Back and forth I go with the watering can, and round and round go my thoughts. Are we staying here? Moving to a farm? If we're moving, do we try to leave this place a little better than we found it? Or just fix the worst things and get on with our own lives?

And here I am with the first garden I've ever cherished. Must I give it up already?


*cordless hose: a watering can - much more convenient than being tethered to a faucet

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Madcap said...

Gosh, I wonder where I've heard THOSE questions before? I know what you mean about leaving the garden.