Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bullying Awareness Week

I heard on Estevan FM radio this morning that it's "bullying awareness week." National Bullying Awareness Week, I discovered. I saw a lot of emphasis on what youth can do to stop bullying through "peer power," but I think we parents should give some thought to what madcap mum has to say about bullying, and the book she recommends that explains "why parents matter." I'm not saying we should all be homeschoolers, but I for one am learning that it doesn't hurt me at all to pay some positive attention to my kids. So what if I don't get much blogging done? Sledding with the kids for an afternoon will probably do far more to build a better world than any article I might have written.


Madcap said...

Let's hear it for sledding! Have you still got some snow? Ours is still just enough to frost the grass, really.

arcolaura said...

Oh, yes, we've got snow. The stuff we were sledding on was pretty well gone, but this week we got some more, and it blew around and blocked driveways and packed on the highway and made everything look quite wintry. This morning it was -25C, so it feels pretty wintry too. I hear there was a lot more snow in Moose Jaw; don't know about other areas.