Monday, October 30, 2006

Shooting in the Dark

I believe this comment over at sda may have been aimed at me:
I have noticed that some environmentalists are very selective in their concerns.I know of one that gets on a plane,flys halfway around the world using more fuel than my 2000 acre farm does in at least three years,to educate people that could get the same information from a book or the internet.He then comes home and says how well THEY treat their environment.I believe that he is a graduate of the CBC-David Suzuki school "of the other guy make changes" school of environmentalism.
Sorry, spike, you missed. Just because I'm married to him doesn't mean I agree with him. And just because he's married to me doesn't mean he's an environmentalist.

By the way, I don't recall him saying they treat their environment well. I recall him mentioning walking to work in Kathmandu and crossing a bridge over the "sewer" - he figured that was a more accurate word for it than "river" would be. And he mentioned arriving at work and blowing his nose, which was crusted with just as much grime from the air as if he had been shovelling inside a granary.

But your closing comment is very amusing. He is always insisting that people must stop trying to change other people, and instead change themselves. It's working very well for him: as long as he can keep the rest of us busy fixing ourselves, it keeps the heat away from him!

(Ouch, I'm a little snarky today, no?)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Laura: You may have been snarky. Here is a recent posting from Earth Family Alpha that I believe would interest you.

Richard J.

arcolaura said...

Thanks, Richard. Sad-but-true comment in there about the furor over Kerry's joke drowning out coverage of the Stern report.

Jim said...

Snark, snark...

You can't trust someone who doesn't get a bit snarky now & then, they might be on something!


arcolaura said...

Hehehe - thanks Jim, I feel better now!