Friday, October 13, 2006


I think it had something to do with rainwater running down the path and puddling against the floating row cover, next to this root. Most of the others look more like purple-topped parsnips.


Anonymous said...

Hmpff. Are you using elephant manure on your garden?

Granny said...

That thing is huge. I thought it was a turnip, not a parsnip. Whatever, it's a big one.

arcolaura said...

I forgot to mention: graphics by James.

I think the real question is what I'm using on my kids, that he could dream up, stage direct, produce, and edit a piece like that, all before I turned around from whatever it was I was cooking that evening.

I was flattered (and quietly amused) that he was so impressed with the size of that rutabaga.

It's actually barely as big as the ones I see in the grocery store (and the rest really do look more like parsnips than rutabagas). Based on the variation in size within a small bed, I'm thinking water was the limiting factor in this garden, this year.