Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Music in the Southeast

Remember Forget! The Forget Summer Arts Festival is coming up fast, July 21 and 22 (a week from Friday), just up the road in - you guessed it - Forget! The line-up includes Eileen Laverty, Jack Semple, the WhistlePigs, and many more fine musical acts. Not confirmed yet, but the Arcola Community Band may put in an appearance, and you can bet there will be other local musicians showing up as "tweeners." Camping is included in the gate price, and what a deal it is! Check it out.

And if, like me, you have to (gasp) miss that one, here's another chance to get your toes tapping without driving halfway across the country: the Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party! Concerts every evening for a week! Michele Amy is organizing a camp for students of guitar, fiddle and piano, and while we've got all those fine instructors here - of course they'll play for us. For everyone! I've copied her announcement below. The location (Kenosee Boys' and Girls' camp) is out at the west end of the lake (with the Mother Theresa Centre); follow the main road west and then turn south where it says "Group Camps" or something like that. Then watch for the camp sign.
Just some information about a concert series in the Park that you might be interested in. We'd love for you to come and join us, and to help us spread the word.
The Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party is presenting a concert series featuring renowned musicians between August 14 - 18, 2006 at the Kenosee Boys' and Girls' camp at 7pm.
Cost is $5 for non-camp participants, and spectators should bring a lawnchair.
Children under 12 are free.
Concerts will be followed by a jam session, and spectators are welcome to bring instruments and join in as they please
The concert lineup is as follows:
Monday, August 14 at 7pm: J.J. Guy (fiddler) Ray Bell (guitarist/singer) Shamma Sabir (fiddler: eldest member of the Sabir Sisters, and a Grand Master finalist. She's also a dynamic performer!)
Tuesday, August 15 at 7pm: Trent Bruner (pianist from Norway), Cammy Romanuck (fiddler.. provincial Grand Champion and 5th place winner in Canadian Grand Masters), and Anthony Bzdell (guitarist, singer and key member of the Rotators)
Wednesday, August 16th at 7pm: Lucas Welsh (fiddler, one time Provincial Grand Champion and accomplished bluegrass guitarist, singer, mandolin player as well!) Shannon Shakotko (pianist / singer with a powerful voice) John Arcand (world-renowned fiddler and the master of the Metis Fiddle)
Thursday, August 17th at 7pm: Camp Pig 'n Whistle: Band scramble and talent show, followed by square dancing with an accomplished caller
Friday, August 18th at 7pm, Students' final show, instructors' performance, old tyme family dance with cash bar.
Hope this helps with your calendar! The music this week will be phenomenal!
...Michele Amy
As a student, I'll be in the final show (gulp) so come clap along for me! I dare ya to try to make me laugh . . .


Manitoba Hal said...

Sorry to hear you won't make it to the Forget festival. I'll be coming out to party and volunteer during the festival. I'll try not to Forget you...hah...hah...boy that was almost a Garth joke.

arcolaura said...

Hey Hal! Thanks for stopping by. Are you back in the land of far horizons? I'm heading for the Great Sandhills for 10 days (leaving this weekend) - now that's a wide and lonely land. Beautiful, but it always leaves me feeling like I'd better be moving on - there won't be mercy for anyone who lingers after their supplies run out. Anyway, I'll be thinking of Shannon and Don and everyone at the festival. Garth will be there with his jokes, so don't let him kill you. That was crazy at Spring for Ananda - he wasn't really making me cry, it's just that my eyes started burning for no known reason. Dry eyes, dry coughs - they only happen when I'm driving or in church. Maybe I should give those up.

Granny said...

Just checking in to say hi and have fun.