Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rain, Rain, Where Did You Go?

When we left town on Friday morning, it was raining. We drove westward, into the weather that we assumed would be heading our way, and it rained and rained, harder and harder. Garth remarked that he hoped it wasn't raining like that at home, or our garden would be flattened. I had more confidence in the plants than that, and I was very glad that they wouldn't want for water while we were away. As we got close to Weyburn, we saw water pooling in the fields from all the rain.

As we drove south from Whitewood this afternoon, we passed through some showers and saw lots of lightning.

When we got home, I glanced at the garden and saw that it definitely hadn't been flattened. The pumpkin plants looked like they had doubled in size. But when I walked into the garden, I noticed that the flour lines on the yang side hadn't been washed away; in fact, they seemed as clear and bright as when we left.

And the ground was dry.

And the rain gauge was empty.

I phoned my mom, out at the farm just five miles north, and she said they got over an inch. They had been to Oxbow on Friday, and it rained all the way. Oxbow is south of us.

I guess the clouds must have parted over Arcola.

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