Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm OK now

The Christmas Eve service was much more poignant, powerful, and difficult than I expected. It's a good thing I had my hair down around my face, so I could partly hide my wincing and wiping as I sat up by the organ in front of everyone. Did anyone notice? Hope I didn't spoil it for you.

After that I was fine. I hurried through my final packing for the overnight with Garth's family, stopped in at Mom and Dad's for a quick visit and a couple of hugs, and drove. I was on the road over midnight, but I didn't see Santa Claus, although there was that funny flicker in the sky that once...

Crept into the quiet farmhouse, ferried in stuff, tucked gifts under the tree, tucked a restless child back into his sleeping bag, rolled out my own sleeping bag, and caught a few hours sleep before the eager morning scurrying began. Actually it was rather subdued, I thought, with all the children now two years older than the last time we got together there. We had a pleasant day, with the usual overabundance of food, some carol singing with rich harmonies from Garth's musical siblings, some games and a bit of play with a toboggan in the yard. I got some knitting done on the present that wasn't. Now that I don't have to hide away in my room to keep it a surprise, the poncho should develop much faster.

I was planning to pitch in with dishes after lunch, but exhaustion caught up with me like an ocean wave, and I went off for a nap which took up much of the afternoon. I helped with dishes after supper instead, and I was glad of that nap during the drive home. It'll be an early morning tomorrow, for the 9 a.m. draw at the Boxing Day Fun Spiel. Wish us luck - we're hoping we don't fluke out and keep winning, and end up playing into the evening like last year!

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