Thursday, December 08, 2005

Advent Thursday #2

From the comments: "Christmas is hardly a time of peace in many families, mine included. Our peace project is very close to home indeed."

Ahh. I can't say it's any better in my home. Sadly, all too many mornings, peace is that moment when I hear the door close behind the kids as they leave for school. Or in the evening, when the last sounds from the bedrooms settle into silence.

Then I end up staying up too late, enjoying the peace, and next day, I am tired and cranky - anything but peaceful.

Sometimes I catch myself trying to force peace. "Stop yelling!" I yell.

I have to feed peace instead, tend it, nurture it - and wait for it.

Then it surprises me with a willing hand, a sudden smile, or a contented quiet settling around us in the middle of a busy day.

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Anonymous said...

"Stop yelling," I yelled.

So perfectly put!