Saturday, October 15, 2005

He's on his way

Sorry if I keep coming back to this one topic, but I haven't had time for much else besides keeping up with chores and getting Garth on that plane. We had a last-minute glitch which had us scrambling for a transit visa for India. It meant a quick trip into Regina Tuesday evening, getting visa photos at 7 p.m. and then getting to the courier office by 7:15 to send them to Vancouver. Then we had to wait and hope and trust that a helpful stranger in that city could make things happen at the Indian consulate. Friday evening at 7 p.m. I got the email saying the visa was on its way; we picked it up when the courier office opened at 9 this morning, and got Garth to the airport for a flight departing at 10:10. Right now I assume he is in Toronto, minus the suit jacket that we left behind in the scramble this morning, and the multi-tool that he had inexplicably packed in his carry-on luggage. Small world though: the security officer who brought it back to me was a friend from Luther College. Good to see you again, Keith.

Garth is planning to give us reports on his adventures, at Nothing seems very different yet, and yet... there is this funny twisting feeling down deep inside. Something in me knows that he is already a long way off. And he hasn't even left Canada yet.

Update - he phoned from Delhi, exactly 12 hours of time zone away. Sounds pretty excited, hasn't had much sleep. One more flight and he's there.

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