Thursday, August 25, 2005

Local histories online

I just stumbled on an amazing resource: "Our Roots: Canada's Local Histories Online." Yes, online. Not just a catalog, but the histories themselves, with their full contents photographed and viewable online. I was looking for websites referring to Carlyle (SK) and I found a booklet about Carlyle from 1910. I saw histories from Abernethy and Antler, but suprisingly, only a church history for Arcola. Why not "Arcola-Kisbey Golden Heritage"? I put that question to the site feedback people, and offered to lend my copy for digitizing if necessary. If it turns out that they are looking for more materials, I'll let you know. Anybody have a copy of that little booklet - what was it called - something about the "sunny side of the Moose Mountains"?

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