Monday, June 15, 2009

Over to the Dark Side

Confession time. Oh all you homeschooling hard working real living friends of mine, please forgive me. I have applied to go back to school (again) and study (still more) to be a high school science teacher.

I figure it this way: I dabbled in growing my own food and making my home less dependent on gas and electricity and so on, but I didn't go far enough, and I didn't succeed in bringing my family along with me. Our kids seem to want fairly conventional careers - although Ruth is fascinated with "tiny homes" and may study architectural technology - so it doesn't matter how many vegetables I can grow in the back yard, when they will be needing money for tuition and accommodations. The marriage breakdown adds another layer of formal obligation, too, since the legal people will be looking at whatever agreements we come up with to see whether the children are provided for adequately (and I am sure they will be looking at dollar signs, not bushels of food). This teaching program is the fastest way I can see to get back onto a fairly lucrative career track while still making use of my science background, being able to work in my home area, and being able to cultivate a little more ecological awareness. I know, walk the walk. Well, at least I will have late afternoons and July and August for gardening.


Paul said...

Yes! Take some light over to the dark side.

Good luck!

Madcap said...

We all do what we need to do in the given moment, with the given circumstances. My oldest is taking high school part time right now, and I can't tell you how thankful I am for her English teacher who's full of passion about her subject.

All the best in your newest endeavours!

arcolaura said...

Hehe! You folks are great. Thanks!

Tim Hodgens said...


Who says anything goes in a straight line for long!

It's not if you're in the field or in the classroom, really, it's how you are in both and what you bring to both.


Saskboy said...

Interesting to catch up on the news. Someone from your blog stopped by mine so I took a click over to your neighbourhood.