Sunday, September 02, 2007

YouTube - Raymond Crowe - A Wonderful World

As I carry on with my own projects
and take on stuff that Garth can't do right now
and help Garth with the extra stuff he needs to do right now:

life is a bit hectic.

Too hectic to write much of a blog post.
But at the same time:

life is wonderful.

YouTube - Raymond Crowe - A Wonderful World


Tim Hodgens said...


Deb said...

Hey- haven't checked in for too long here...sorry to hear about Garth's accident! I worry whenever The Hermit is up on our steep pitched roof. He does have a history of breaking an ankle really bad falling off the roof when he was building our current living space.

arcolaura said...

Tim - thank you!

Deb - yes, I can relate. Our existing roof is about a one-in-three slope, and I feel quite anxious whenever someone is up there outside the relative safety of the space behind the new framing (though even sliding down into that could do some damage). The new section of roof is one-in-four, much more reasonable to walk on, but when I was up between its rafters the other day, looking down the slope toward the thirteen-foot drop at the end, I found it hard to imagine working on it once the sheathing starts to go on. Safety harness for me, please.