Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If a tree falls in the forest... can listen attentively to its sound, without standing in its path and letting it crush you.


Madcap said...


Now, what brought that on, Laura?

Tim Hodgens said...


It reminds me of a picture on a coffee mug of a tired person getting up in the morning, and trying to remember the basice:...first the pants then the shoes.


arcolaura said...

Madcap - the proximate trigger was finding a draft post of it, and realizing how to fix the wording. The ultimate trigger is almost forgotten; I think it was a combination of an intense family debate about the semantics of "sound," and my perpetual preoccupation with, well, intense debates that willfully miss the point.

Tim - if that was me, it would be: where was I - getting up, or going to bed?