Friday, March 23, 2007

My (Melting) Glacier

Kind of like posing with the big fish you caught. Obviously the shovel is just a prop in this photo, but it's the same one I used to collect most of that snow off the driveway (off the photo to the left of the garage in the background) through this winter. The pile had already shrunk quite a bit by the time this was taken (March 13th). It sure beat last year! At its peak, it was as tall as I could reasonably throw the shovelfuls, almost as high as my head, all the way to the right of the picture. The path I am standing in leads nowhere; I just used it to push the snow along to new, lower sections of the ridge as I was building it. My plan was also to keep that path clear as a spillway for meltwater in the spring, and it looks like it worked. The area between the garage and the house has been a big puddle in other years, but this year the runoff is draining away nicely.

I had a bit of help from time to time. Sometimes Garth would stride up the driveway and back to clear two wheel tracks before driving out in the morning. One day Dad and James helped me remove the usual drift from just in front of the garage door, and Dad was gleefully flipping the snow clear over my ridge at its tallest point. Mostly, though, this glacier-building project was a slow and steady, meditative, muscle-building pastime just for me.

Maybe a north-facing driveway is not so bad. I've had an ice-free path for the bike for about a week now.


Deb said...

I think you have (actually had) me beat in the snow category! Almost all of our snow is gone now.

Anonymous said...

I slipped on the ice of my north-facing driveway and broke a rib. Well, the doctor and the X-ray didn't agree with me, but it hurt for weeks.


kate said...

I hope your glacier has melted by now ... our snow seemed to disappear overnight.

Thankfully the weather predictions for yesterday were wrong or we would be covered in more snow. Rain was much better - the city looks much cleaner.

Anonymous said...

I pumped up my bike tires, but it's going to snow again soon like last night :(

Have you seen the latest news on the Saskblogs BBQ this year? It's July 8 in Regina, details at

Hope you can make it this year!

arcolaura said...

Hi all! Sorry I've been so slow in responding. I guess I've been more focussed on family and progress around the place, and something had to give. Wish it wasn't this blog, but when I listed all my activities and looked for something to give up, I found that most of it wasn't mine to quit.

Deb - there are still two or three tiny patches of white stuff left on the garden, but mostly what's left here is the dirty ridges alongside the streets.

pablo - ouch. Reminds me of the bowl-shaped wet ice that used to develop under our car on the north-facing driveway in the city. I don't want to think about how many times I barked my shins.

Kate - yours is gone completely? I wonder if we had more snowfall, or just a colder spring so far?