Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thinking of Switching

All you Beta Bloggers out there - have you tried using the new "labels" function? Does it apply only to new posts, or can you go back and add labels to old posts - and if so, do you have to go into each post and republish it individually, or is there a way to do this in a batch?

I just noticed that I haven't updated my subject index since 2005/09 - yep, that's a year ago. I'd really like to give people a chance to look back through my thoughts on, say, climate change, but updating my subject index was always tedious and I just can't face doing a whole year's worth the old way.

By the way, my recent posts (June to September '06) on climate change are here:
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Granny said...

I didn't know there was an old way and I've never done it.

Big help, am I not?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say I'm terribly impressed with the lack of compatibility between beta and non-beta blogs. And in order to get the customizations you have to reconfigure yet again, and I'm too fed up to do that at this point. I guess I'm wondering what other "surprises" I'll find once I've done that.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I was wrong about that. I just posted, and noticed for the first time the "label" option at the bottom of the post-text. It's the html stuff you can't access without a reconfiguration.

What I'm also noticing is that a lot of the "Blogspot Classic" sites are "down for maintenance" this morning (I was suprised yours wasn't), and I'm wondering if they're doing The Big Switch where we can all get along again.

arcolaura said...

Granny - a giggle is always a help. Actually my "old way" is just a blog post full of links to other blog posts - very tiresome to create, because I have to go back and forth between my archives and the post I'm creating, copying and pasting the permanent link for a given post, and then typing the title (copying it doesn't work because it comes with formatting). There are probably some shortcuts I still haven't figured out, but I just can't see it ever being efficient. For a while I added the new link into the subject index each time I posted, but that only lasted about a week.

arcolaura said...

Madcap - I agree, they really could have handled the compatibility thing better. Seems like they didn't really understand how people were using their own product. They did mention the problem somewhere - that's the reason I didn't jump to switch - but I think they could have made it more of a warning. Or just fixed it first! They seem to think they can fix it now, so why not fix it before?