Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's dark in here

If you're reading this post, you're having better luck than I am. I can't view my own blog. Please leave a comment for me - it will be forwarded to my email (if the forwarding is still working!) and then I'll know... something.


Update - well, whaddya know? The lights are back on in my little blog world. Why, I don't know.


Update #2 - and poof! The door slams shut and it's dark in here again. Two minutes later. Please do let me know whether you're having any trouble reading my blog, or not.


arcolaura said...

Now I can read it. We'll see how long this lasts.

Unknown said...

My blog was down also last night.

I think google hosts all the blogs on different servers. Which is why some blogs can be down, and others are just fine.

Anonymous said...

Laura:"Please do let me know whether you're having any trouble reading my blog, or not."

Yes, lot's of trouble. In fact I can't read it at all. Especailly this past post, I can't see a bit of it.

No, wait .......

It reminds me a bit of the fundamentalists sermons I've heard that end with the beginning of the "alar call" with: "Now, friends, if you are here tonight and you are without Jesus ...."

'If I'm here tonight ...' Hmmmm. I always had to think about that one. Should I raise my hand if I'm absent?

arcolaura said...

Heh. "you're" - "you've been" - oh, never mind.

I'm just not as guarded as you are, Eleu. I get caught off guard all the time. What can I do but laugh?

Thanks Ryan, makes sense to me.