Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rolling Stone on How to Keep Rolling

Read this first.
Ethanol Scam: Ethanol Hurts the Environment And Is One of America's Biggest Political Boondoggles : Rolling Stone

Then browse the links here, and tell me - does it not sound a bit like a celebration of the many benefits of starvation as compared to poisoning and heatstroke?

Ah, but the money is in the answer to the question: who starves?


Tim Hodgens said...

Hi Laura,

I haven't yet gone to the links in your post but I want to share a brief conversation I had a little over 5 weeks ago.

I brought my new bike back to the store where I bought it for a minor adjustment. It was a one man operation. Cluttered. Inexpensive. He is a "character" and looks perpetually zoned out but from the few meeting with him I have the sense that he reads situations well and quickly.

Me: "you know since I've bought my bike I've noticed a lot more people riding bikes. And I'm wondering if you're selling more bicycles this year over last year, or if I'm just noticing it because I'm riding now.

Owner: "No I'm not selling any more over last year. You're just noticing more.

Me: "I was really curious also because I was wondering if more people are attending to global warming and peak oil and gasoline prices."

Owner: "No. Americans will let their children go hungry before they stop driving."


I hope it's different up your way, but I kinda doubt it.


arcolaura said...

I suspect that (North) American children will be the last to go (obviously) hungry. (Hidden hunger is another story altogether.) But there could be a lot fewer children going hungry if there weren't so many children going repeatedly hither and yon in cars (my own included, I confess), all in the name of "feeding" their minds. And on that tangent, I suspect that a mind develops better when left to get a bit hungry some of the time.