Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Latest from Percy Schmeiser

Through the Environment News Service (see sidebar), I just happened upon an intriguing new video:

Soil: The Secret Solution to Global Warming

from an intriguing new (to me) website:

Quantum Shift TV

In fact, Internet TV is new to me, and I haven't been able to get past a download hitch at about 10 minutes into the video. The first nine minutes had some frustrating questionable generalizations, and some familiar faces whose pronouncements I take with a few grains of salt, but the overall direction seemed plausible and I wanted to hear some more. Any tips on getting the entire video to download?


Tim Hodgens said...

Hi Laura,

You may want to view it again. I had no trouble using IE to see the entire video...about 23 minutes.

I jokingly tell people to invest in weeds and bugs if they have any extra money lying around. They will always be around and it's a growth industry.

The WWII vet who talked about how we were conned into the war against weeds was spot on.

The argument of the video makes sense to me. The real trick is how to get enough support for farmers to switch to these practises. Money is obviously important as part of the transition strategy, but I suspect that there is an even bigger issue - that the "old ways" aren't taught any more. (I am not a farmer but these are my thoughts.)


arcolaura said...

Oh, for sure there is old knowledge that has been lost or at least neglected. Farmers who go looking for it come up with quite a bit of know-how about certain crops that can be used to out-compete particular weeds to clean up a field, and so on. I'll try again tomorrow to see the whole video.